Personal Project


Sarah Klostermeier

Motion Design

Sarah Klostermeier


Marvin Tom Gerstmeier


Nicole Pietruschka


Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

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In today‘s world, the standard has traditionally been set by men, while women have often been treated as a marginal phenomenon. This gender inequality persists across various domains, including homes, workplaces, medicine, and transportation. While certain injustices, like street harassment in the form of catcalling, are publicly visible, many gaps have become so deeply ingrained in our daily lives that they often go unnoticed. Shedding light on these hidden disparities is the core focus of my thesis titled ‚mind the gap“. Mind the gap is a series which consists of short episodes, each created by different designers which vividly depict gender injustices that occur in everyday life.

The Project is still in progress so check in later for more informations.